• Herbal Mutual Aid Network
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    H.M.A.N. is a grassroots organization providing free plant-based care for Black people seeking support due to the ongoing crisis of racial violence + injustice.

    Our mission is to respond + adapt to the evolving needs of Black people in this climate of rebellion against white supremacy by

    ✿ Creating a care ecosystem of cooperative economics– using donated funds to pay + promote the work of Black artists + healers, enabling peer-to-peer care at no cost to those needing support

    ✿ Building a dimensional platform for conversation on care + art related to embodiment, centering QT/BIPOC/disabled voices

    ✿ Insisting that equity is an essential pillar of any business providing care, and that “wellness” without equity is simply hoarding resources

    ✿ Spreading the message that Black people are entitled to the utmost love and care, and that the lives of Black disabled, trans and/or woman identified people must be protected at all costs.

    Currently our work consists in:

    ➛ Shipping hundreds of care boxes to Black people + Black-led community organizations coast-to-coast, including herbs + other plant-based personal care items tailored to their unique requests

    ➛Creating protest safety kits for distribution in LA + NYC, including herbal formulas for first aid, immune support, emotional safety + PPE

    ➛Supplying Black community herbalists + front line organizers with bulk materials to formulate care for themselves + their communities

    ➛Paying Black herbalists to co-create collaborative in-house formulas for our upcoming “free brand”

    ➛Creating a live online database network of herb growers + local mutual aid groups where we can all stay connected on current projects + asks– a tool for seeking care *and* collaborating on our mutual aid initiatives, coast-to-coast

    ➛Building an online journal as a platform for conversation on care + art related to embodiment, centering QT/BIPOC/disabled voices

    ➛Directly funding urgent care for Black trans + disabled individuals.

    H.M.A.N. is a Network of herbalists, farmers, gardeners, donors, artists, organizers + workshop volunteers, co-founded by Yves B. Golden + Remy Maelen

    Yves B. Golden is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, organizer and DJ. She is inspired by the sacred bond that exists between memory and physical objects.

    Her collaborative and solo works have been featured in Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, ICA London, NADA Miami 2019, Yaby Madrid, Springsteen Gallery Baltimore, Caleb Bingham Gallery at University of Missouri and Raw Material Company Senegal.

    Remy Maelen is an herbalist, artist + organizer working to create collective language around care + embodiment.

    She produces formulas, images, events + movement-based plant meditations through GOODWITCH, her interdisciplinary herbalism practice since 2013.

    Fluctuating dis/abilities shape her focus around accessibility + interdependence. All her work is collaborative.

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